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Captain Kenneth Puckett

Retired Panama Canal Pilot

Maritime Historian 


Lecture Series


    a.  Age of Exploration of Western Hemisphere

    b.  French Design and Construction of the Panama Canal

    c.  Spanish American War and the US Navy

    d.  US Construction of the Panama Canal 1903 -1914

    e.  US Operation of the Panama Canal 1914-1999

    f.   US Turn Over of Panama Canal to Republic of Panama

    g.  Republic of Panama Expandsion of the Panama Canal

    h.  Panama Operates the New Canal

     i.  WWII Axis Weapons and Plan to Destroy Panama Canal



Captain Kenneth Puckett is a retired Panama Canal Port Captain and Senior Panama Canal Pilot.  He is an accomplished Speaker and has made maritime presentations before professional organzations, military units, civic groups, colleges and aboard some of the world's largest cruise liners.

He served eight years in the US Navy and twelve years in the US Army Transportation Corp.

He retired from the US Army as a Senior Warrant Officer and holds a BS Degree in Marine Transportation Management from  New York State Maritime College.

Since 2006 Captain Puckett has also presented his of lectures on Maritime History and the Panama Canal aboard cruise ships of Disney Crusie Line, Carnival UK Lines, Cunard Lines, Princess Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise line and The Yachts of Seabourn.   

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